Monday 2 June 2014

1859 Sloe Pug (Pasiphila chloerata)

Key features:
  • Thin pink belt on base of abdomen
  • Green wash when fresh (fading to brown)
  • Pale line outside discal spot is relatively straight (see 'Confusion species')
  • Medium size with deep wings
  • Discal spot elongated
  • Many waved patterns - often visible on faded specimens.

Confusion species: Green Pug lacks pink waist belt and has a waved white line beyond the discal spot.

Habitat: Scrub, woodland edge, hedgerows.

Range: Thinly distributed throughout England (not far south-west) and Wales. Range surprising given common foodplant (Blackthorn).

Sloe Pug, 18/5/14, Cliffe Marshes RSPB, Kent, The Bald Birder

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